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Meet Mr. It's Possible! One of Americas Top Leadership Speakers.

Rave Reviews!

Quentin is one of the best youth speakers to visit our school. He really connected with our students! I believe they actually heard what he was saying. He nailed some of the major post secondary issues confronting today’s youth. His message engages today’s youth where they live and then makes them pause to analyze where they want to go.
Shirley Carter (Counselor), Chicago Vocational High School, Chicago, IL

Teen Speaker Quentin Whitehead epitomizes what the new generation of motivational superstars is all about. His flow, energy, style, swagger, professionalism, and oratorical skills are off the charts. If you want someone to motivate and inspire your audience look no further than Quentin. He is the real deal!
Kevin Bracy, Top Youth Speaker 6 Consecutive Years

Excellent! Come back again!
Jeremy F. (Student), John F. Kennedy High School, Chicago, IL

You have no idea of how much you brought my self-esteem up! The motivational things you said has inspired me to become a psychologist and help people. Thanks!
Daniella G (Student), William Turner Technical High School, Miami, FL

Good info! Thought provoking! In 50 minutes Quentin answered all the questions students and parents have been wondering.
Lynn Peterson (Counselor), Williamsport High School, Williamsport, MD

Wow! We brought Mr. Whitehead in to speak to our sophomores and he was absolutely dynamic. Not only did he captivate our youth but his message was sincere and genuine. I highly recommend Mr. Whitehead for anyone who desires a great speaker for their youth.
Lechae Baker (Counselor), Marshall Metro High School, Chicago, IL

It was Vermont FBLA’s extreme pleasure to have you kick off our 2012 Spring Leadership Conference with your motivational speech as well as have you conduct an interactive workshop on communication and teamwork! Your inspirational messages we welcome by members and advisors alike. And the one-on-one extra time you spent with members left a lasting impression. You are an amazing speaker… my heartfelt thanks to you. I look forward to seeing you again.
Susan Ladd, Vermont CTSO Coordinator

Mr. Whitehead is an inspiring speaker that commands the attention of all he comes in contact with. Quentin spoke to our student athletes about the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between athletics and academics. Our students truly left the presentation with a better sense of the impact of their decisions and how those decision can have a lasting effect on their future.

Teresa Brown (Counselor), Athens Drive High School

Quentin visited Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago and I can honestly say that my students were truly inspired by his personal stories, encouragement, and motivating messages about self-worth. He admonished them to stay motivated and strive to achieve success! What a powerful message that my 8th grade girls received that day! I am eternally grateful for Quentin Whitehead.
Ericka Whitehead (Assistant Principal), YWLCS

Thanks for coming to my school! I really needed that speech because it got me thinking about future and my purpose in life.  I recognize now that anything that I want to accomplish is possible.
Noah B, (Student)

Mr. Quentin what you said in your speech at my school today was so inspiring and very touching to me. Now I can step up because that speech was the motivation for me to realize that I can do it! Thank you for inspiring us youth.
Jamira S, (Student)

Hey! Think it, Plan it, Get it, It’s POSSIBLE! You know, before you came today I was struggling in 3 subjects, failing them and I brought only one of them up. I really felt like I couldn’t do it, I thought I was worthless. But then you said so much stuff today that really opened my eyes. Because of your message I’m going to strive to pull all of my grades up. Thank you Mr. Q!
Sienna M, (Student)

I don’t know how I could appreciate Quentin enough! I was attending the 2011 FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference held in Philadelphia, PA. It was only a half a day and I was worn out…until I got to Quentin’s workshop. The environment he had just as I walked in had everyone pumped! His energetic presentation empowered me and showed me that any Dream is Possible!
Corbin R, (Student)

It’s POSSIBLE is what I feel now because of Mr. Whitehead. He help me realize that my life has value and there is nothing that I can not do! So, I would like to say thank you for the help you have giving me. That push was just what I needed.
Andre K, (Student)

Quentin is the BESSSTTTTT!!!!!
Cindy N, (Student)