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About Quentin


Quentin Whitehead

It’s Possible is the sensation that many audiences feel, after listening to one of Quentin’s life altering power packed messages.  In his talks, Quentin provides very practical, but very powerful information that helps take his audiences to new heights.  His unique style and delivery quickly allows him to connect with just about anyone.

Quentin L. Whitehead Sr. “Your Possibility Coach” is known as a peak performance expert and leadership engineer. He has traveled extensively across the country empowering approximately 250,000 individuals and having blast with them in the process.  His clients include: The Department of Treasury (West Virginia), Department of Human Services, Harvard Medical School, Northwestern University, FBLA, and SkillsUSA just to name a few.

Back in 2005, Quentin helped create and launch his first personal development company, Men of Visions World Wide, LLC and just four years later in 2009 a non-profit As Successful As You Want to Be, INC. Both of these companies are successful in their own right. Sharing one common goal in mind, which is to empower and equip people to have more, be more, and achieve more.  Quentin is also the founder of I Want to Speak. A website and program designed to teach, train, and develop aspiring speakers to cultivate successful speaking careers.  

With his expertise, experience, and insight Quentin has seized the opportunities of authoring 3 books: #Quetips: “Ultimate Book of Motivational Quotes”. From Mediocre to Magnificent “How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life”.  And lastly, if you have teenagers The Top 10 Tips for High School Success. In addition, he is excited about his forth book project entitled: It’s Possible “7 Steps to Turning Possibility into Reality”.

Ultimately, Quentin’s goal is to empower the masses to take ownership and full responsibility by providing information to assist them in leading healthier, brighter, and richer lives.