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Quentin Whitehead

It’s Possible, is the scintillating feeling audiences have each time Quentin steps in front of any audience. For over a decade, Quentin has been impacting audiences all across the country. He is, the leadership and personal development speaker that everyone wants their students and organizations to hear! Quentin is a master communicator. To date, over 250,000 individuals have experienced the power, passion, and life-altering messages, that he articulates through mediums such as: Leadership Conferences, Leadership Workshops, Colleges / Universities, Student Symposiums / Conferences, Youth Organizations, Professional Organizations, and Grade Schools.

Quentin’s down to earth style, realness and authenticity allows him to quickly grab the attention of people and take them on a roller coaster ride to a destination of greatness. In his messages and sessions he delivers very practical, but powerful information. Quentin believes that leadership, personal development, and success is not complicated, therefore; the information should not be. Studying under the tutelage of Les Brown and personal mentor Kevin Bracy, Quentin has learned world class tactics and skills to connect with just about any audience from the speaking platform.


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