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College Programs & Workshops

*** From Graduate to Greatness ***

“Greatness is in you, but also up to you”

(Freshmen Orientation)


Pasadena High[Student & Self Development Keynote]
Ideal Audience: Freshmen & Student Leadership Groups
Length: 45-60 Minute Keynote

Want to jump start your incoming freshmen? From Graduate to Greatness, is the experience for your campus. This talk is guaranteed to nurture the seed of greatness students possess and ignite pursuit in the direction of it. Quentin will inform, motivate, challenge, and empower your newest students into great things. “FGTG”, provides concrete principles to create a dynamic and productive freshmen year of college. Furthermore, tips, and strategies to produce excellence through college and on into their careers.


Students walk away with:

  • 4 concrete principles to apply their freshmen year and beyond
  • What makes the great, great
  • How the great started and reached the level they current occupy
  • How to stay motivated despite how they feel


*** Xtreme Possibilities For Student Leaders ***

Go Over and Beyond!

“The Ultimate Experience to Leadership Excellence”


[Student Leader & Self Development Keynote]
Ideal Audience: Student Leadership Groups & Organizations
Length: 45-60 Minute Keynote

Xtreme Possibilities for Student Leaders, is an experience that will ascent your audience to new heights. This motivational leadership keynote is designed to challenge and reveal who students really are as leaders. Furthermore, to instill an attitude of growth and excellence. Great leaders never stop growing and learning how to become better at the positions they occupy. Quentin’s ultimate goal is to help student leaders do what others don’t, to possess what other won’t. If your crowd needs a principle based message with motivation and empowerment ingratiated, this is the talk and keynote for you.

Students walk away with:

  • How to go over and beyond the threshold of average
  • 4 practical, but powerful strategies that separates great leaders from good ones
  • How to turn leadership possibilities into reality
  • The power and understanding of continuous growth as a leader


*** Possibility Me ***

“You Deserve Everything You Desire”


Pasadena High[Self Development & Success Keynote]
Ideal Audience: Student Groups & Leadership Organizations
Length: 45-75 Minute Keynote

“It’s ME”, is the statement that changed Quentin’s life. These 2 simple, yet powerful words were the spark plug that ignited him into the person he is today. Possibility ME is motivation, inspiration, and information wrapped up into one. In this experience Quentin empowers his audience, that possibility has their name written all over it. Using his captivating story of dealing with unbelief, a negative self-image, low self-esteem, and shattered confidence, Quentin builds his audience up by explaining how he over came the odds to become a successful professional speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Your students will be inspired to turn obstacles into opportunity, with this keynote experience.

Students walk away with:

  • Understanding the value they possess
  • 4 practical applications to turn obstacles into opportunity
  • The belief they can accomplish their goals
  • How to utilize education as a springboard to launch a successful future

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