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Professional Development

*** “U” Matter ***

“Feel Better, Perform Better”


[Staff / Organization Keynote]
Ideal Audience: Working & Staff Professionals
Length: 45-60 Minute Keynote

Rejuvenate! Refresh! Ready to roll! This is the goal of Quentin when he presents this content. No one person is at 100%, all the time on the job. However, we should try to become as close as possible on a daily basis. Let’s face it, our employees and individuals who work for us are getting beat up everyday. They are tired. They are worn out. They are burned out. They are dragging old baggage into a new day. Many times they often feel like what they do, goes unnoticed and not appreciated. Until now! “U” Matter is the message for your organization or company and the people who work in it. When we feel better we perform better. Quentin delivers very practical, but powerful steps on how to create winning attitudes in the work place. Rejuvenating staffs, which produces elevated outcomes. “U” Matter is the message that everyone needs. From the CEO right down to employee hired yesterday.

Staff walk away with:

  • Understanding why they get burned.
  • How to identify when they are burned out.
  • The validation that they’re contribution is truly appreciated.
  • Creating a culture that breed success.
  • How to be close to 100% on a daily basis.

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