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*** Xtreme Possibilities For Student Leaders ***

Go Over and Beyond!

“Helping Students Apply What Others Don’t, to Achieve What Others Won’t”


[Student Leader & Self Development Keynote]
Ideal Audience: Student Leadership Groups & Organizations
Length: 45-60 Minute Keynote

Xtreme Possibilities for Student Leaders is an experience that will ascent your audience to new heights. This motivational leadership keynote is designed to challenge and reveal who students really are as leaders. Furthermore, to instill an attitude of growth and excellence. Great leaders never stop growing and learning how to become better at the positions they occupy. Quentin’s ultimate goal is to help student leaders do what others don’t, to possess what other won’t. If your crowd needs a principle based message with motivation and empowerment ingratiated, this is the talk and keynote for you.

Leaders walk away with:

  • 4 practical, but powerful strategies that separate great leaders from good leaders.
  • How to make their leadership possibilities and goals a reality.
  • The importance of going over and beyond the threshold of average.
  • Knowing the importance of self development and growth as a leader

*** To Sell Them You Have to 1st Be Sold ***

“Helping Students Lead Themselves While in Pursuit of Leading Others”


[Student Leadership Keynote]
Ideal Audience: Student Leadership Groups & Organizations
Length: 60-90 Minute Workshop

Are you ready for someone to squeeze the very best leadership qualities out of your students? Well look no further because this leadership experience / talk is for you! This powerful content from Quentin was specifically designed with student leadership in mind. Many students fail to realize that real true leadership starts at home. Meaning, its starts on the inside of them. In this powerful workshop / talk Quentin empowers and equips students with 4 key ingredients that would help elevate their leadership qualities.


Student Leaders walk away with:

  • The understanding of how true leadership gets started with S.E.L.F
  • The POWER of vision and forward thinking
  • The POWER of words and effective communication
  • The POWER of association and surrounding yourself with other great leaders
  • The POWER of focus and zooming in on the desired outcome

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