Readers Are Leaders

Quentin’s Top 10 MUST Have Books!

As I travel the country empowering the lives of students, I am often asked about the books I read and the titles and authors of these great books. So I have decided to put together what I call “Quentin Top 10 MUST Have Books”. Now certainly there are a plethora of great reads and sources of information to dig into and I suggest you do. These are just my Top 10. Feel free to leave me a comment regarding your list of great books. I would love to hear!

1) The Top 10 Tips for H.S Success Author: Quentin Whitehead & Dennard Mitchell

2) Do you! Author: Russell Simmons

3) The Success Principles Author: Jack Canfield

4) Attitude Is Everything Author: Keith Harrell

5) How Successful People Think Author: John Maxwell

6) Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Robert Kiyosaki

7) Live Your Dreams Author: Les Brown

8) Think and Grow Rich Author: Napoleon Hill

9) Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Author: W. Clement Stone

10) The Magic is in the Extra Mile Author: Larry DiAngi

If you desire to become a leader, I suggest you become a reader!